Saturday, September 27, 2014

Angel In My Pocket by Sukey Forbes

This book is an account of the journey that Sukey Forbes took after the unexpected death of her 6 year old daughter Charlotte. Ms. Forbes is a member of THE Forbes clan, one of the Boston Brahmin families. Unfortunately, her wealth couldn't help her daughter, who suffered from a rare genetic condition called malignant hyperthermia.
Ms. Forbes gives us plenty of background information on her family, including her relation to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Some of which is pertinent as she communes with nature on Naushon, the family island near Martha's Vineyard, at their former home in Santa Cruz and on trails in metrowest Boston. The book gives an in-depth description of her spiritual growth through this painful grieving process which culminates in a conversion of sorts when she attends a workshop with a spiritualist. Though she claims to have approached the workshop with skepticism and taken every precaution regarding her identity, the medium is able to relate things about Charlotte that only she would know. Ms. Forbes comes away from the workshop both comforted and enlightened about "life after death."
As a first person account of the stages of grief and exploration of life beyond this world, I found the book very satisfying. My only complaint is Ms. Forbes regular asides about her family connections, multiple homes, islands etc. gets a bit repetitive.

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