Friday, December 27, 2013

A Death in Belmont : by Sebastian Junger

In A Death in Belmont, Sebastian Junger, the author tells a strange and frightening story.

In March of 1963, when the author was a boy in Belmont, a suburb of Boston; an elderly housewife called Bessie Goldberg was raped and strangled. A black man, Roy Smith, was accused of raping and strangling a white woman. Without any concrete evident and just based on circumstantial evidence; he was convicted. But the day of the murder, another man was working in the Junger house, a man who would later confess to being the Boston Strangler hoping to sell his lurid tale to the press for enough money to support his wife and children. He also hoped to escape prison on grounds of insanity. So who did it?

In Sebastian Junger’s final analysis in A Death in Belmont, Junger draws no conclusions about the guilt or innocence of Smith or DeSalvo.