Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue water, Green skipper: a memoir of sailing alone across the Atlantic/Stuart Woods

I have read novels by Stuart, off and on and they are entertaining, he will be publishing his 53rd novel in October 2013 'Doing Hard Time".
This book, however, is about his solo sail in June 1976 from Plymouth England to Newport, Rhode Island - which took 45 days and he finished in the middle of the pack.  If you are a sailing person, this book will mean so much more to you, rather than the canoe people like me!  There is a lot of sailing detail, boat types, sail types., etc., but it is in no way a boring book.  I can't imagine being alone on the ocean in a boat for 45 days.  If something does go wrong, you just can't call AAA.  A different sort of a book, but a great armchair adventure

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