Sunday, February 10, 2013

Midnight in Peking

In 1937, Peking had a population of one and a half million; of which only two or three thousands were foreigner. A young Englishwoman, Pamela Werner was murdered and her body was found in an icy wasteland. All the blood had been drained from her body and the body was badly mutilated (and some other gruesome details).......The circumstances were deeply suspicious. An investigation was launched but it was quickly turned into trouble. An unusual Chinese-British operation was formed to get to the true. But over and over again the police were steering away from the details that might suggest to blame on the white community. And perhaps, it might be less embarrassing and more convenient to think that the crime was committed by a crazy Chinese killer.

The author Paul French, a historian, a business advisory and analyst calls the book "reconstruction". He spent seven years researching this dramatic true story. He went through archives, uncataloged files in both China and United Kingdom. Clue by clue, He uncovered the truth of this bizarre murder case.

This was a pre-world war II true-crime story.

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