Monday, February 25, 2013

Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China

A combination of cheap labor and can do attitude has transform China from a mainly agricultural society to one that has become the world's factory. The 130 million migrant workers getting out from village to city is one of the factors that contributes the "cheap labor" in china.

The author, Leslie Chang tells the story of migrant workers through the lives of two young women whom she follows over the course of three years in a city named Dongquan, an industrial city in Guangdong province and it is about 100 km from Hong Kong.

This book provides the insights of why and how young farmers are moving out from rural village to the city. It also paints a picture of what the migrant workers' "factory life" looks they fight their daily battle, how they save money and send back home to support their families. Chang also takes us inside a large sneaker factory, that is so big, has it's own hospital, movie theatre and fire station. There are thousands of factories and millions of workers in Dongquan.  Employers are free to discriminate widely while workers lie about their experience seems the best way to get a job. And the migrant workers are constantly jumping from one factory to the other for more money and a better life. The mass migration of young workers from country side to the city in China is fascinating. You may find this book interesting.

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