Monday, February 04, 2013

Colors of the mountain

"I love you, Dad. I am your son, forever." are the two sentences ended the book; that was the feeling the author had to his father when he left home for pursuing college education in Beijing Language Institute. 

The author takes the title of this book from a couplet his grandfather painted on the old Chen mansion -- "Colors of the mountain will never leave our door. Sounds of the river will linger forever in our ears".

Da Chen, was born in 1962 in the year of Great Starvation in China, and his family belonged to the disrespected landlord class. In this book he describes his life during Cultural Revolution in mainland China ... how he always hungry, yearned for food; how his parents and grandfather were routinely beaten up by the Red Guards; how he first learned English; how to defend himself and how to work toward his future.

A real life story.