Monday, February 04, 2013

Silicon Dragon - How China is winning the tech race

It's the time to face the fact : China is catching up in the tech race. Arising supply of tech talent and surplus is feeding China.  Thousand of western-educated and trained young Chinese have returned to their homeland with advance degrees and Valley entrepreneurial know-how to crank up the business and technologies in China.  Young Chinese "returnees', so-called sea turtles returned back to China and began to imitate the successful US dot-com and changing them with local characteristics that no other multinational companies could get exactly right.

This book is a great book written by Rebecca A. Fannin - A financial journalist who traveled from Shanghai to Beijing and beyond to interview hot dot-com executives. Just name a few ... Robin Li of (a search engine in Mandarin), Peggy YuYu of (The Amazon-plus in China) and Jack Ma of (Chinese e-commerce giant) etc, etc. Whether you're an investor, an entrepreneur or a techie you would find this book very interesting.