Friday, January 25, 2013

Little bookstore of big Stone Gap/ Wendy Welch

this is one of those books;  a hot cup of tea book;  a rocker by the fire book;  a cozy safe snowy Sunday of a book.  An older couple sold their house, She quit her job at the "snake pit", and  off they go to Big Stone Gap in Appalachia to open of all things a bookstore in the middle of nowhere. A story of  a couple living their dream and the stops and starts of a new business.  It is a trying time, to get the town to realize they are there for the long haul, it took some time for trust to evolve.  Of course their friends think they are bonkers, but they are in love - with books - piles of books, shelves of books, porches full of books. A delightful story for a bookish person!  A book to make you smile and have a little faith in humanity in all it's variations.

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