Monday, January 28, 2013

Dwarf by Tiffanie DiDonato

Tiffanie was born with diastrophic dysplasia, a rare type of dwarfism that results in short stature, joint deformities, and very short arms and legs.  From birth to age 12, her arms were so short she could not reach her own ears, or other parts of her body.  Far from being a sad book, this is a triumph of parents, and a child who would not give up.  Tiffanie just wanted to be tall enough to switch off the kitchen light without a step stool, and wanted to brush her own hair - something we all do without thinking.  By the time she was 8, she had had many surgeries, correcting club feet, a small cleft in her palate, but she was facing a bone lengthening surgery.  In this surgery her legs could be lengthened for a total of 4 inches.  This determined young woman had this surgery twice and ended up with an impressive 4' 10".
She came from Marlboro Mass, and is an inspiration of determination.

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