Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wel Met by Rachel Lee Rubin

The Renaissance Faire receives its first sustained historical attention with Well Met by Rachel Lee Rubin. Beginning with the chaotic communal moment of its founding and early development in the 1960s through its incorporation as a major “family friendly”leisure site in the 2000s, Well Met tells the story of the thinkers, artists, clowns, mimes, and others performers who make the Faire.

Well Met approaches the Faire from the perspective of labor, education, aesthetics, business, the opposition it faced, and the key figures involved. Drawing upon vibrant interview material and deep archival research, Rachel Lee Rubin reveals the way the faires established themselves as a pioneering and highly visible counter cultural referendum on how we live now—our family and sexual arrangements, our relationship to consumer goods, and our corporate entertainments.

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