Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wine, Food and Friends by Karen MacNeil

I've recently come into that phase of my life where everyone I know is buying a house and I therefore spend many saturday afternoons and evenings at housewarming parties. This book is my new go-to gift (because no one needs another vase). Even if you're not much of an entertainer, this book has something for you. The recipes are from Cooking Light magazine and are therefore delicious and guilt-free. MacNeil (author of The Wine Bible) makes wine suggestions for a variety of budgets and her capsule descriptions of each type of wine are really all the average person needs to know before inviting friends for dinner. All the wines are easily found at any decent-sized liquor store. The illustrations are beautiful and inspirational and don't make the reader feel like they have to be Martha Stewart to pull off a dinner party.

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