Sunday, March 04, 2007

Knit Fix

by Lisa Kartus

Having purchased this one for our library after reading a review, I never got a chance to do more than flip through it once it went out on the shelves because it circulated so frequently. So, I bought a copy for myself, and I am glad because this book is a strong reference for knitters of all levels. Though much of the book is aimed at more advanced knitters who have gotten past simple knit-and-purl scarves, Kartus provides a strong foundation in the basics, such as how to count rows vertically as well as horizontally in both knit and purl. She builds on this information to get to the meat of the book and topic of the title: techniques for repairing various mistakes in a knit work, from simple dropped stitches to trimming a too-large sweater. The text is well-depicted with color photos, and in many, contrasting colors of yarn are used to better illustrate what the reader should be seeing. Additionally, the spiral binding makes it easy to set the book on a table or a stand in front of you. --Inanna

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